Coronavirus Updates

Covid-19 Update December 2020

As Kent is in a Tier Three which is a very high risk, we must all take even more precautions to ensure that we are all keeping safe. All clients’ must mention if they have had any symptoms or a positive Covid-19 test before we arrive for your treatment. You will NOT be expected to pay for your treatment if you cancel before your appointment due to Covid 19 Symptoms.

We will arrive in full PPE which will include a shield and a mask, plus each piece of equipment will be disposable unless this is not possible. In this case the couch will be wiped over with Alcohol based wipes, all metal equipment will be stored in Barbicide and then placed into a glass bead steriliser (which is standard procedures for us). We will also be following all of our usual health and safety procedures including Couch Roll etc.

Last Updated 14th August 2020 (Information taken from

The UK Government’s safe working guidelines for close contact services is available on the UK.GOV website at


All services, including those in the highest risk zone are permitted from 15th August 2020.

The person providing a service, because of the period of time spent in close proximity to a person’s face, mouth and nose should therefore wear further protection in addition to any that they might usually wear. This should take the form of a clear visor and a Type II Face Mask. Clear visors cover the face (and typically provides a barrier between the wearer and the client from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing or speaking). Visors must fit the user and be worn properly. They should cover the forehead, extend below the chin, and wrap around the side of the face. Both disposable and re-usable visors are available. A re-usable visor must be cleaned and disinfected between each client using normal cleaning products.

A Type II face mask should be worn with the visor. Type II face masks are not PPE but will provide a physical barrier to minimise contamination of the mouth and nose when used correctly. Ensure you are hydrated before putting a mask on. Type II face masks are medical face masks made up of a protective 3-ply construction that prevents large particles from reaching the client or working surfaces.

To help you decide which actions to take, you must carry out an appropriate COVID-19 risk assessment, just as you would for other health and safety related hazards.

Last Updated 1st August 2020 (Information taken from

The UK Government’s safe working guidelines for close contact services is available on the UK.GOV website at

The Prime Minister announced plans on 17th July 2020 to reopen all close contact services in England including any treatments on the face from 1st August 2020. In a further announcement on 31st July 2020, the Prime Minister said that these changes have now been postponed by at least a fortnight, ie until 15th August 2020.

Until further notice, no treatments are to be provided on the face. Examples of such services would include the following, though this list is not exhaustive:

  1. face waxing, sugaring or threading services
  2. facial treatments
  3. advanced facial technical (electrical or mechanical)
  4. eyelash treatments
  5. make-up application
  6. dermarolling
  7. dermaplaning
  8. microblading
  9. electrolysis on the face
  10. eyebrow treatments
  11. intricate detailing, outlining or shaving of beards
  12. advanced beauty therapy and aesthetic treatments (this does not apply to medical settings)


Beauty therapists, nail technicians, holistic therapists, hairdressers & barbers, spas, tanning salons and other close contact services are all open subject to the restrictions above which remain in place until further notice.

We have written an open letter Boris Johnson to press for a lifting of the restrictions as soon as possible. See Open Letter To Boris Johnson 1st August 2020.