After Care Advice

Body Treatments 

• Avoid alcohol and heavy meals for 24-hours after treatment. 

• Always drink plenty of water after treatment to help flush toxins from the body. 

• Do not undertake any other body treatment for 48-hours after treatment. 

• Stay away from direct sunlight/sunbeds and heat e.g. saunas for 48-hours after treatment 

• Avoid caffeinated drinks as these will stimulate the body and not help you to relax 

• Stay relaxed 12-hours after treatment 

• Following an aromatherapy treatment, avoid showering for at least 12-hours as the essential oils will continue to penetrate the skin and maximise benefits 

• For long term results, book in for regular treatments every 4-6 weeks.   

  • Stone massage has a very detoxifying effect on the body and you should drink drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol for the next 24 hours. Also try to avoid any strenuous exercise for 24 hours. 
  • You may have what is known as a Healing Crisis. This is a normal reaction after a treatment, where you may feel sad, or happy, and have mild flu like symptoms. Ensure that you rest and within 24 hours you should feel fine. If you are still experiencing symptoms, please contact us to update our records and to give you further advice. 

Eve Taylor Facials 

•  Keep Make-up, perfumed products and other skincare products a minimum for 24-hours after having a Facial 

•  Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise twice daily, Mask application one to two times per week 

•  Do not apply any other exfoliating skincare products for 72-hours after a facial.  Thereafter, it is advised to exfoliate every twice a week 

•  Stay away from direct sunlight/sunbeds and heat e.g. saunas for 48-hours after having a Facial 

•  For long term results use the prescribed products for homecare and return for treatments every 4-weeks to maintain 

•  Always use an SPF 

Nail Treatments 

•  To prolong the life of your lacquer or Gel, wear protective gloves to perform any household or work-related chores 

•  Apply hand cream regularly  

•  Massage cuticles with oil from Harmony Gelish (Available to buy from Claire) 

•  Always use an OPI Base Coat under polish to prevent staining, and use OPI Top Coat to prevent chipping.  

•  Return at least every 2-4 weeks for maintenance and further treatments 

  • Do not use your nails as tools. 
  • Any reaction, place a cold compress on the area, seek medical advice and contact us so that we can update our records. 


•  Do not undertake any other skincare treatments within 48-hours of having a waxing treatment 

•  Stay away from direct sunlight/sunbeds and heat e.g. hot baths, saunas for 48-hours after having a waxing treatment 

•  Avoid friction from nylon material or tight clothing 

•  Keep skincare products to a minimum for 24-hours after waxing, then after 24-hours it is vital that you use a good quality moisturiser  

•  Avoid exfoliation for 48-hours after waxing, then exfoliate with a loofah or body scrub regularly (at least 2-3 times per week) to avoid in-growing hairs. 

 •  Avoid exercise that may cause friction to the area 

•  For long term improvements, do not shave between treatments 

 •  Return for regular treatments as guided by your therapist. 

Eye Treatments 

  • Do not touch the area which has been treated. 
  • Do not apply any eye products including mascara’s, eye creams or eye cleansers unless you have spoken to your therapist first. 
  • Using the wrong products at home can loosen eyelash glue and / or cause a reaction. 
  • If you have had a reaction to the treatment, ensure that you place a cold compress to the area, seek medical advice and let us know so that we can update our records.